The power of influence


Every minute of every day we are influencing or being influenced, by thought, words and deeds. There is no time when we are not susceptible to influence, even if it is only in  our own thoughts and the resulting feelings rippling through our bodies.


The power of inspiration acts on us by breathing new life into us, it guides and stimulates us to new heights of achievement, and to understand something we previously did not.


Any infusion of Inspiration into the mind and soul of another will animate some ideas and purpose, or will prompt the utterance of brilliant views or information, generally it's purpose is to arouse some effort to do well.


Each interaction between people has cause and effect. How infinitely wonderful it would be if we sought, with each communication, to inspire others by our influence.



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Dear Tammy


RAU TEAM BUILD : 29th MAY 2002


I have received your report as well as the video and am looking forward to share both with every team member (back from the winter recess).


I can assure you that all the feedback on your contribution I received from our team was very, very positive. Our staff enjoyed every moment and even those that experienced physical hardship and bumps assured me that they look forward to do similar exercises in future! Your whole contribution (before, during and after) can only be classified as highly professional and was added value all the way!


Best wishes for the future.

Prof. Willie Conradie


Fanie Pretorius

Chief Director: Corporate Services

Dear Tammy


The teambuild that you and your co-workers facilitated was a huge success. We can see that there is better understanding and team spirit now, amongst the senior staff of Corporate Services.


Thank you for the professional and expert way in which everything was organised and presented! It is clear that you know what you are doing.


Kind Regards

It gives me great pleasure to testify to the high opinion I have of Sister Tammy Harrisberg's qualities. She has been associated with me in the Adult Orthopaedic Unit of the Johannesburg Hospital since August 1989 as the Sister-in-Charge of that Unit. Her duties have always been carried out most meticulously and conscientiously and her devotion to her work has been quite outstanding.


This testimonial would not be complete without reference to Sister Harrisberg's quite remarkable personality and character. She has always proved most co-operative and loyal towards other members of the staff of the Hospital. Not only has she been held in the highest esteem by all the members of the Orthopaedic and Nursing Staff, but her popularity with patients has been observed by all of us, and this popularity has been well deserved for her attitude towards the patients has invariably been based on the greatest sympathy and understanding.


In short, during the six months in which I have been associated with Sister Harrisburg, I have found her to be a conscientious Sister-in-Charge, a good Nurse and a fine character.

JJG Craig

Associate Professor

Department of

Orthopaedic surgery

Sister T Harrisberg is the Sister-in-Charge of Ward 474 of the Johannesburg Hospital. In the period since she has taken charge we have seen an improvement in the standards of nursing in this Ward. She is dynamic, energetic and extremely competent. She is able to take charge of any situation in the Ward and is able to communicate with doctors, patients and fellow nursing staff and Ward 474 helpers very satisfactorily.


Sister Harrisberg has a comprehensive appreciation of the responsibility and spirit of nursing. My only reservation for recommending her would be the fear of losing her from our Ward.

Dr D Pitchford

Senior Registrar:

Ward 474


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